What Can I Do to Preserve and Restore Little Hunting Creek?

Homeowners living in the watershed have an important role to play. The actions you take can improve the water quality of Little Hunting Creek, the Potomac River and the Chesapeake Bay.

Not only that, some actions that help the creek -- adopting creek-friendly lawn care practices, building a rain garden, installing a rain barrel, or (if you live next to the creek) restoring streamside buffers or placing a conservation easement on your property -- can also

First, do no harm!

Become a Creative Conservationist!

Reduce stormwater runoff from your rooftop and driveway, and find other creative and money-saving uses for it. The gutters, downspouts, and storm drains that surround us were designed to remove rainwater as quickly as possible and dump it in the creek. The high volume and speed of that runoff scours out the stream in its upper reaches, and brings sediment and pollutants down the creek into the Potomac and the Bay.

Several conservation practices (some new, some very old-fashioned) can improve water quality and bring other benefits. You can: