Little Hunting Creek Sewer Line Replacement

Two sanitary sewers emanate from the Little Hunting Creek Pumping Station, at the corner of Stockton Parkway and Londonderry Rd. One (the pressure main) pumps sewage from the pumping station across the creek to the Noman Cole Sewage Treatment Plant, in Lorton. The other, the gravity-fed line, serves 480 households in Wessynton and Woodland Park, and brings sewage across to the creek to the Little Hunting Creek pump station, to be pumped to Noman Cole.

In 2015, the gravity main was discovered to be in dangerous condition, and its replacement is well underway. The 12" cast iron pipe had sagged, resulting in freezing problems, perpetual needs for maintenance and emergency repairs, and risks to public health and the environment due to possible sewage backups or overflows. The pipe is the second most critical of County sewer lines at risk of failure. The sag is believed to be due to inadequate bedding support when the pipe was installed in 1961, or to other improper installation methods.

Contractors plan to finish the replacement of 800 feet of pipe underneath the creek by February 2022. Then they will begin digging up Stockton Parkway to install the 130 feet of pipe needed to connect the gravity main to the Little Hunting Creek pump station. Project updates are given here. The project is scheduled to be completed June 2022, including replanting and restoration of the wetland and buffer that was damaged by construction.