2013 Creek Cleanup Results

Once again, volunteers surpassed all previous Little Hunting Creek cleanup efforts.

This year, a total of 191 volunteers picked up 474 bags of trash and recyclables, 43 tires, and 19 shopping carts at 14 locations along the creek. That is close to twice the number of bags (245) that we picked up last year. (The bags are 25% smaller this year, however.)

The downstream, tidal portion of the creek is much cleaner than it was. Won't it be great when it is clean and restored to its natural health and beauty along its full length? Imagine, the wildlife that use the creek won't have to crunch through bottle litter, risk entrapment in plastic bags, or risk poisoning from cigarette butts, pieces of polystyrene, and other toxics.

Upstream is better, too. Last year, Delegate Surovell and his volunteers pulled over 100 shopping carts out of the creek. This year there were many fewer, and Walmart (owner of the vast majority of retrieved carts) has promised to install a restraint system to prevent them from leaving their lot. Could all the publicity, and Delegate Surovell's proposed bill to penalize owners of abandoned property, be making the difference?

2013 Champion TRASHMASTERS of Little Hunting Creek

Thanks to All!

These teams are the big trash magnates. But we're all winners—the remaining 10 crews picked up nearly half the trash collected in the cleanup.

Special thanks go to the extraordinary efforts of: